School Exclusion Information

For any health-related inquiries, please contact All inquires should receive a response prior to the start of the next school day. If you have not received a response prior to the start of the following school day, please call the school office after 7:30 am at 815-433-2986.

Please DO NOT send your child(ren) to school if they are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined below.

IDPH-COVID19-Exclusion-Decison-Tree 5.4.21.pdf

Test to Stay Protocol Information

Information provided by ISBE/IDPH on 8/9/21: Test to Stay Strategy, as has been documented by CDC, if schools test close contacts, as defined above, on days one, three, five, and seven from date of exposure by a PCR or rapid antigen or molecular emergency use authorization (EUA)-approved test, close contacts are permitted to remain in the classroom as long as the results are negative.

  • Test to Stay is only applicable when both the COVID-19-confimed case and close contact were engaged in consistent and correct use of well-fitting masks, regardless of vaccination status (universal masking), as required by Executive Order 2021-18.

  • Test to Stay may be used for any indoor exposure, with the exception of household exposures, for both students and staff who are not fully vaccinated.

  • Students or staff who are not fully vaccinated and engaged in Test to Stay after an exposure may participate in extracurricular activities. Local health departments have the authority to order a classroom-only Test-to-Stay protocol after assessing the risk of an individual situation.

  • However, if the close contact is identified five days or more from the date of exposure, adjust testing accordingly, ideally on days five and seven after the last exposure.

  • When testing in the outlined cadence is not possible due to weekends and holidays, students and staff who are not fully vaccinated should be tested at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • At the conclusion of the Test to Stay modified quarantine period, the school should notify the local health department that the individual has successfully completed testing and remained negative.

  • Local health departments have the authority to assess high-risk exposures and order a traditional quarantine without the option for Test to Stay.

  • If at any time the student tests positive or becomes symptomatic, they should be immediately isolated and sent home, and the local health department notified.

*Please note that this protocol MUST be approved by the LaSalle County Health Department in order for it to be utilized.