School Exclusion Information

For any health-related inquiries, please contact All inquires should receive a response prior to the start of the next school day. If you have not received a response prior to the start of the following school day, please call the school office after 7:30 am at 815-433-2986.

Please DO NOT send your child(ren) to school if they are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined below.

Mandatory Exclusion of Students and School Personnel 1.12.22.pdf

IDPH Update (9/21/21): If the ill household member is tested within 24 hours of first notification of symptoms, household members do not need to be sent home unless there is a high suspicion the ill person has COVID-19 (e.g., they are a known close contact, they have lost sense of taste and smell). Pending test results, household members can remain in school with consistent use of well-fitting masks both indoors, as required, and outdoors. If the ill household member tests positive for COVID-19, then any unvaccinated household members should be removed from the school immediately. If testing does not occur within 24 hours, unvaccinated household members must be excluded per the Public Health Interim Guidance for Local Health Departments and Pre-K-12 Schools – COVID-19 Exclusion Protocols (“COVID-19 Exclusion Protocols”).