Internet & Device Resource Information

Local Internet & Device Information

You can CLICK HERE to explore low-cost internet services and computer options that are available in our area. You need to enter your zip code and you will see all of the available options. In addition, you can CLICK HERE for a collection of resources that are available for families in our area.

Chromebook Loan Program

Please remember that we also have the Chromebook Loan Program available to all of our students. If you are in need of a device, you can CLICK HERE to request a Chromebook for your remote learner.

Free Wi-Fi

If you are in need of free wi-fi access, you can visit Reddick Library in Ottawa. Also, we have free wi-fi access for any school devices (Chromebooks) at the school. Outdoor wi-fi is available on the east side of the school building (parking lot). For a detailed map of free available wi-fi spots throughout Illinois, you can CLICK HERE.