School Lunch Information

School Lunch Information

Wallace Grade School provides a hot lunch program that serves nutritious, well-balanced meals to students. The cost of a hot lunch with milk for students is $2.25 daily. A carton of milk is 30 cents for those students who bring lunch. We ask that you pay for lunches in blocks of at least 10. You will receive a menu each month. A record of your purchases will be kept at school. It is helpful if you put a check or cash in an envelope. Please mark the envelope with the following information:

1. Child's name and grade 2. Amount of money that is enclosed.

Each student will have a barcode for their individual lunch account. Students have to pay ahead for lunches. Account balances can be accessed on our student management system Teacherease. Applications for the federal free and reduced price lunch program are available at the school.

Pursuant to the Hunger-Free Student’s Bill of Rights Act, the school is required to provide a federally reimbursable meal or snack to a student who requests one, regardless of whether the student has the ability to pay for the meal or snack or owes money for earlier meals or snacks. Students may not be provided with an alternative meal or snack and the school is prohibited from publicly identifying or stigmatizing a student who cannot pay for or owes money for a meal or snack.

Free & Reduced Lunch Program

National School Lunch Program free/reduced applications will be available for all students in the school office. Households that are directly certified through the State of Illinois SNAP/TANF program will receive letters stating such, therefore, will have no need to complete an application. All students that receive free/reduced meals at the end of the previous school year will be carried over for the first 30 operating days of the upcoming school year. During that time, an updated application must be completed and approved in order to continue receiving those benefits.

For those that do not qualify for direct certification, you can obtain a free/reduced lunch application by contacting the school office. Also, please contact the school office with any additional questions.