We are excited that we will be offering our golf program for any interested 5th-8th grade boys and girls.  All practices and home meets will be held at Dayton Ridge Golf Course in Ottawa.  Additionally,  we can send up to 6 boys and 6 girls to the IESA sectional meet.  If more than 6 sign up for each gender, average scores from the season will be used to determine who will participate in the sectional.   

What is a school golf team?

A golf team is a group of young students who come together to compete in the sport of golf at the elementary school level.  The team is overseen by a coach who provides guidance, instruction, and organizes practice sessions. 

Grade school golf teams often compete against other schools in organized matches or tournaments. These events may be scheduled throughout the academic year. The matches can be individual or team-based, with each player's score contributing to the overall team score.

Participating in a school golf team provides young students with an opportunity to learn and develop their golf skills, including proper swing technique, putting, chipping, and course management. It also promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline. In addition to the competitive aspect, school golf teams focus on the importance of etiquette, rules, and respect for the game.

Please contact Mr. Allen at for additional information.