Preschool Registration

At this time, registration for the 2022-2023 school year is closed. If you are still interested in signing your child up for one of our preschool programs, please call the school office at 815-433-2986.

2022-2023 Registration Information

Online registration for both the Tuition Preschool (3 y/o & 4 y/o) and Preschool PLUS programs will begin starting at 4:00 pm on the following dates:

  • Returning In-District Students: February 14th

  • New In-District Students: February 16th

  • Returning Out-of-District Students: February 21st

  • New Out-of-District Students: February 23rd

REGISTRATION PROCESS: At the time of registration, parents will electronically submit basic student information (Name, DOB, Address). This submission will date and timestamp the application. At that time, parents will automatically be emailed a link with the full registration forms (may take 24 hours to receive the email), which will need to be completed and submitted in order for the application to be finalized (can be completed within 24 hours). *See video above for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Priority placement in our preschool programs will be given to 1) students that reside in the Wallace school district and 2) returning students. In addition, the date and time of the registration submission will also be used to determine placement based on preference (if applicable).

All new students must provide a current physical with up-to-date immunizations from a physician prior to the first day of school. Physicals are only valid for one year. In addition, a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be provided at the time of registration to verify the child’s age. We ask that parents submit a digital copy of the birth certificate by emailing it to

Placement notification letters will be mailed to parents on or before March 18th (Spring Break). Along with that letter, there will also be copies of the physical and immunization form for parents to have completed prior to the start of the school year. You can also CLICK HERE to access a copy of that form.

If you have any additional questions regarding program requirements, please contact the school office at (815) 433-2986.

Click Here for Additional Preschool PLUS Registration Information

If a student applies for the Preschool PLUS program and does not receive a spot, they will have the option of automatically applying for Tuition Preschool. There will be an option in the Preschool PLUS application to indicate your Tuition Preschool preference (if applicable).

*For any parents that are registering for Preschool PLUS - Tier 1 (Free), you must also submit documentation of any least one of the following to verify household income. Digital copies can be emailed to

  • Documentation of receipt of any of the following benefits/programs:

    • WIC (185% FPL)

    • Medicaid (138% FPL)

    • SNAP (100% FPL)

    • TANF (50% FPL)

    • CCAP (185% FPL)

    • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

    • Free/Reduced School Lunch Program (Household Sibling)

    • Current Paystub (All Household Members)

    • Any other documentation that verifies the household income